Book Playlist

Here are some tunes that I keep returning to. Best enjoyed with Adblocker!

1. The Tennors: Weather Report. A welcome dose of uplift. "Borrowed" from Simon & Garfunkel's Only Living Boy in New York.

2. The Factory: No Place I'd Rather Be. Jingle jangle with bells on. I think the singer is Lowell George from Little Feet.

3. Philamore Lincoln: North Wind Blew South. Great symphonic slice of Baroque pop. Who was this guy? The whole album is good.

4. The Records: Starry Eyes. POWER POP! This seems to be all about the hassles of bad management, a rare subject in pop considering how much of it goes on. "We paid for all the phone calls"  what a gyp!

5. The Merry Go Round: Time will show the wiser. Emmett Rhodes first band, he really had the keys to Paul McCartney's melody box. Sadly he shared none of his good fortune.

6. Bunny Wailer: Bide Up. Words to the wise.

7. Gary McFarland: Bloop Bleep. Sounds like he's taking a leak at the start of this! He apparently died after being poisoned at a New York dive bar one fateful early morning.

8. Colorama: Candy Street. Great wistful pop from Welsh Wizard Carwyn Ellis. My eldest daughter really got in to this song as a toddler and still loves it. 

9. Dudley Moore : Bedazzled theme. Bedazzled is a film I watch once a year at least, a real favourite. Dudley Moore was a great musician, the soundtrack is just ace.

10. Ravi Shankar: Alice In Wonderland theme. From the 1966 film.

11. McDonald & Giles: Flight of the Ibis. I think these two were in King Crimson. Whichever one is the drummer, really could tap those traps!

12. Nancy Wilson: Hurts So Bad. I don't listen to nearly as much soul as I used to. This is velvet.

13. Blossom Toes: Just above the Hobby Horse. This is a Richie Havens song- I think he might be singing on it? Great sitar playing by Shawn Phillips.

14. Gabor Szabo: 3 Kingfishers. This is a Donovan song played by the Hungarian guitarist.

15. Davy Graham: She moved through the Fair. This fellow was the shit! What a plucker. This is an Irish folk song about the ghost of a betrothed lover haunting the fair; we've all been there. 

16. Gail Laughton: Pompeii 76AD. A snatch of this is on the Bladerunner soundtrack.

17. Michel Polnareff: Dame Dame. Look at the video! See how he soldiers on to ever greater urgency whilst getting an intense wafting from his handmaidens! 

18. Rosalyn Sweet: Blackbird. Who can resist reggae and the Beatles in the same sandwich?

19. Hypnotone: GOD CPU.  For a couple of seasons in the early 90's this fellow remixed seemingly everything Creation records released, like a warm bath in that era.